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Password Unmask 2.0

Password Unmask 2.0 is a small tool to show the shadowed passwords in Windows
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Alpine Snow

Password Unmask 2.0 is a super small tool developed by Alpine Snow to help the end user reveal the shadowed password from any window. The most remarkable feature of this application which makes it different from many similar tools is that you don't need to drag and drop an icon from the application to a different application where the shadowed password exists which is a very nagging job. On the contrary, this application simply does the trick by simply going to any windows application that has the "*******" signs and just selecting those characters, and then the application will reveal the asterisk password and you will be able to see it. You may wonder why this tool is useful - the answer is, this tool has saved me big time trying to remember my saved windows messenger password that I have forgotten. If it weren't for this tool, I would have lost my email account with the next OS reload. More uses of this program are showing saved password in Outlook express, FTP clients and Chat messengers where people put their passwords and forget them later.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Freeware
  • Extra small size


  • Doesn't allow copying to clipboard automatically
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